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Bike Mounts for Phone's GPS Camera's and Lights


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FormMount Phone

Built for roaming around the block, city or mountain. FormMount Phone’s strap-free interface uses 4 neodymium magnets to create incredibly strong docking while the twist & lift design provides an effortless release. Angling adjustability, 2 mounting positions and portrait/landscape docking make it the phone mount to end all phone mounts.

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+ WAYS TO USE: Not just a smart phone mount. Use an iPad for indoor training by simply putting a thin metal plate behind the case. And for those who like riding with a phone and GPS computer, you can use in combination with FormMount for a streamlined cockpit putting both devices in the optimal viewing positions.

+ WHAT'S INCLUDED: Case plate (dimensions 2” x 2”), tether, stem cap bolt, and alcohol wipe. NOTE: The tether is recommended for all outdoor riding.

+ COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with any 1 1/8 steerer tube bicycle with bolt on stem. Remove stem cap, replace with SCPM using bolt provided. Large devices are for indoor training only.

Phone case surface should be plastic or metal without texture. A hard and smooth surface is needed for maximum case plate bonding. Click here for additional phone case compatibility, video and instructions.

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+ 1. Mounting

Easily mounts in minutes onto the top of the stem/steerer tube, replacing the stem cap. Choose between 2 different positions based on stem angle and phone angling preference.

+ 2. Angling Adjustability

Angles to put the phone in the exacting viewing position of rider preference

+ 3. Docking

Gives the option of portrait or landscape mode with the ability to change positions on the fly in seconds.

+ 4. Magnet Interface

100% safe for your phone. Neodymium magnets are widely used within electronic devices and do not interfere with phone reception or any other phone functions. Apple iPhone and Android devices use NAND flash memory, which is immune to magnets.

+ 5. Tether

The thoughtfully designed tether quickly screws into case plate with just a few revolutions.


Sleek and minimalistic.

free roaming for 39 seconds of pure artistry in motion.



We risked serious bodily harm to demonstRATE the bonding strength of FormMount Phone’s magnetic interface.



We contend a bike is the quintessential getaway vehicle. Perhaps the only one that can take you a million miles away in minutes. Yet with your world still at your fingertips, and able to bring you back in an instant. Escape is elusive. Then again, just maybe, staying connected is what gives you the peace of mind to free it, if only for moments of time. Could it be we designed the unthinkable, a get-away-stay-connected device? Say hello to FormMount phone.

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